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MissionTo reduce global GHG emissions by replacing conventional distillation with a low-energy low-temperature alternative

Product: An advanced new thermal separation technology that operates at room temperature and uses considerably less energy and water than conventional distillation processes.

Drystill has invented and patented internationally a heat and mass exchange device called a SAM (an acronym for Stripper/Absorption Module). This device implements a revolutionary separation technique called “Pass-through Distillation” (PTD), a public domain concept that is being studied in universities around the world. 

Drystill’s technology should be considered for any chemical separation process involving temperature sensitive materials; it operates at low temperature and reduces energy and water consumption. It is especially beneficial to the 1st and 2nd generation biofuel and biochemical industries, because it enables the removal of products such as ethanol and butanol from a live fermentation broth. We call this technique as CARAF (Concurrent Alcohol Removal And Fermentation). 

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