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Within Cornerstone our vast experience and strong knowledge base is available to you. We are a hands on group, that is owned by 2 beef farmers, 6 dairy farmers, a green house operator, an Ag entrepreneur and a research site at the University of Guelph.

Cornerstone prides itself on our excellent service, our flexibility, our capacity and our ability to offer our clients safe and sustainable solutions.

In addition to the manure from the more than 10,000 cattle we manage on our farms, Cornerstone currently processes approximately 200,000 tonnes per year of organic waste.  At the present capacity to process 220,000  tonnes per year, which makes us capable of producing 173 Megawatts of electricity, 200 Megawatts of heat every day, and 100,000 tonnes of feed per year from the fertilizer we produce. At capacity our combined  efforts will reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by 400,000 tonnes per year, which is equal to 78,500 cars per year.

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