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BTF is a biorefinery technology provider for the conversion of biomass into energy and non-energy products through an innovative mechanically fluidized reactor (MFR) pyrolysis process. While BTF has an initial focus on processing 2nd Generation biomass feedstock, i.e. derived from non-food biomass such as lignocelulostic materials and waste / byproducts from forestry, agriculture, industry and households, the MFR system can convert any solid biomass feedstock and produce Pyrolysis-Oil (oxygen rich hydrocarbons), Pyrolysis-Char (mainly carbon) and Pyrolysis-Gas (light hydrocarbons and CO) plus CO2 and water. Unlike other thermochemical conversion processes with a “single product output”, The MFR pyrolysis system enables the production of all three products (oil, char and gas) with both energy and non-energy value potential for improved ROI potential.

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